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Below you'll find just a few of the many reasons to join the Oakland Regional Chamber.

Chamber Website

The source for information on the Chamber and community. Community calendar, Chamber Member Listings, with a FREE link to your email address and to your business website, if you have one.

Small Business Counseling

Working in conjunction with Tennessee's Community & Economic Development Office, and the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, the chamber is able to offer Small Business Counseling services. From developing Business Plans for start-ups to evaluating your existing business, these services are available at no charge to you.

Business Seminars

These special programs are held periodically on specific topics, and you get to decide what the topics will be! If you have questions about a certain aspect of business, you can be sure that others are asking themselves the same questions. Tell us about it, and we will provide a competent speaker on the subject. Most seminars are free or very low cost to members.

Chamber Ambassadors

Want to increase your presence in the community and build relationships that can improve your business? Then Chamber Ambassadors is for you! Ambassadors are the eyes, ears and heart of our chamber, contacting new and existing members on a regular basis and serving as a liaison between members and the chamber's Board of Directors.


Chamber Luncheons

Info about chamber luncheons

Coffee Connections

Info about coffee connections

Oakland in October Community Fall Festival

Festival held the first weekend of every October. It's a true community festival, with live music, foods, a Marketplace, Kid-Zone and entertainment throughout the day.


Held at West Junior High School in April, features entertainment, kid’s activities, crafts, merchandise and a place to showcase your business.

Golf Tournament

Info about golf tournament

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